Discussion about HealthCare IT with Dr. Iyer

Dr. Iyer is an experienced doctor of internal medicine who is well recognized in the medical community. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the Reston Hospital Center, Reston, VA, and previously served as the Medical Director of Heartland Hospice. His academic background includes his degree in Medicine from Nalanda Medical College, India, a Ph.D in Biochemistry and Genetic Engineering from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, two post-doctoral fellowships at Harvard Medical School, and his residency at George Washington University Medical Center. He has authored several papers in highly acclaimed medical publications, including the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Dr. Iyer founded his clinic to provide patients a place of empowerment and a genuinely personal health care experience. This was based upon his vision of a doctor as a healer and an agent of empowerment with a single-minded commitment to service. Today, he spearheads his team towards achieving this objective and his patients attest to the individualized attention they receive from the doctor.

I had the privilege of being able to speak to Dr. Iyer about his thoughts on the ways in which technology is revolutionizing the provision of health care in the U.S. Below, he shares his insights from his decades of experiences practicing medicine.

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