Professional Services

For smart and effective results, rely on HPC Solutions’ proven ability to provide best-in- market professional and technical resources for information technology, engineering, and associated support. HPC Solutions understands the challenges of identifying, recruiting, and retaining the highest quality professionals (cleared and non-cleared). We emphasize forward pipeline development, relationship building and candidate retention to meet comprehensive mission and business goals.

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  • Project and Program Management Services
  • Application Development Services
  • Data Management Services
  • Network Engineering Services
  • IT Support Services
  • Technical Writing Services
  • Audio Visual Engineering Services
  • Classified Projects
  • Administrative Projects
  • Engineering Services


Contract Number: GS-06F-1040Z

HPC Solutions is a GSA STARS II GWAC holder. This contract vehicle allows Government agencies to effortlessly procure skill sets from over 150 Information Technology categories. The STARS II vehicle offers fixed price, time and materials, labor hour, and blended task order types; providing greater flexibility in procuring different types of IT products and services to meet agency requirements.

Staffing Quality Process

Our recruiting process mirrors our deliberate multi-step process that has enabled us to identify, recruit, hire, and retain the highest-quality IT resources.

Forward Pipeline Development
Pipeline development begins with planning. Our recruiters, business development, and marketing team collaborate to develop a forward pipeline developmental plan that enables us to identify and pre-qualify a pool of potential candidates.

Pipeline Harvesting
Harvesting the pipeline of pre-qualified candidates is a critical step in the process. This is when recruiters qualify or re-qualify candidates to very specific program and/or anticipated requirements with the intent of hiring qualified candidates. Upon completion of a successful candidate screen, the recruiter will schedule an in-person interview with the candidate.

HPC Solutions recognizes the value in providing clients with a seamless onboarding process. After a candidate has accepted an offer, we welcome him/her at our corporate headquarters for onboarding.

Rewarding Growth Paths for HPC Employee Team Members
An organization’s ability to retain its employees, especially those who are most sought after, is a product of many factors to include compensation and benefits, ongoing access to training and recognition of work/life balance. At HPC Solutions, we work to ensure that we are exceeding the expectations of our employees across these factors and many more.

Compensation & Benefits
HPC Solutions compensates employees at competitive market rates. We developed a comprehensive employee benefit program to supplement our employees’ regular wages.

Training & Enablement
Training and Professional Development is offered to all employees as part of our retention program. Training and Professional Development provides benefits to HPC Customers and employees alike. We are committed to providing an ongoing investment in training and certifications for employees that is commensurate with the individual’s position requirements and growth plans. We work closely with our clients to maintain a training and certification standard and to facilitate cross training. We encourage an open dialogue from all our employees to discuss any needs related to their position. HPC Solutions holds regular company-wide trainings to encourage professional development and growth.

Work Life Balance
At HPC Solutions, we place our attention on the whole person rather than just the employee who is present during working hours. By making our commitment to work/life balance a part of our corporate culture, we create a supportive environment that drives performance and loyalty. Elements of work/life balance include: Flex Time, ability to work remotely when needed, and a culture of family first.

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HPC Solutions is consistently seeking qualified professionals in the areas of: Information Technology, Unified Communications, Engineering, and Administrative Support

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